Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Tutorial Signature Stamp

Hey there :)

Today I want to show you how you can make a very simple signature stamp. You can add your signature to your pieces by creating a cane for example but I never tried this because it seemed so stressful. That's why I created a stamp.


scrap clay
blade or x-acto knife
roller or pasta machine
small dotting tool, needle tool or tooth pick
water, baby powder or flour
(liquid clay)


You can use some scrap clay for this project, you won't need a lot. Roll it out evenly. Take your dotting tool or needle tool and trace your initial(s) into your clay. I also decided to have a flower as my personal sign. Trace it first and then deepen the lines so you can see it better. Once you're done, cut your design to size. Bake it according to the instructions on your clay package.

Tutorial Signature Stamp
Roll out some more clay. Mist your baked piece with some water or baby powder or something and press your raw clay into it. The water or powder is so they don't stick together. Cut your stamp to size again and bake for a couple of minutes.

Tutorial Signature Stamp
Now you only need to add a handle at the back. Just take a bit of clay and roll it into a cone. Press it onto the back of your baked stamp. You can use liquid clay to attach it to make it easier. Smooth it on really well with your fingers or some tools so that it doesn't come of again.
Bake again and that's it.
Tutorial Signature Stamp

Here is an example of how it looks like:

Tutorial Signature Stamp
So what do you think? Easy right? So let me know, are you gonna recreate this? 

See you soon


  1. How large is your signature? Thanks!

    1. It's about 1-2 cm (that's about half an inch). I don't have it here at the moment but I can check the exact measurement tonight if you want :)