Thursday, 25 February 2016

Tutorial Clay Phone Holder

Hello :)

Today I want to show you how you can make a very simple but cool phone holder.


air-dry or polymer clay
roller or pasta machine
clay shaping tools
small tube shape
acrylic paint


Tutorial Clay Phone Holder

Roll out your clay quite thickly and shape or cut it into a long rectangle.

On one end slightly bend it upwards at the edges, it should stay there if you didn't roll it out too thin. That is where your phone will sit.

Then bend the middle part upwards and use a tube shaped object (I used my small spray bottle) to hold the shape upwards.
A short part of the end can be bend in a 90° angle so that it lays flat on the work surface. This also supports the structure.
Smooth out any cracks or bumps with your fingers and water and let dry/ bake.

After it has hardened you can paint it in any colours you like or leave it like that. You can also cover it with ornaments or clay slices before baking.
If you want to create something similar to mine, first paint the whole phone holder white. Dab on the paint with a tissue to avoid brush strokes. Let dry and then paint on small flowers. Use the tip of your paint brush for this and make five or six strokes or dots. Once it's dry, use a toothpick and dipping it into yellow paint make dots in the middle of the flowers. I also made some larger dots with a skewer. You can also paint the underside light blue and create a small yellow boarder all around to match the flowers.

Glaze everything to protect it and you're done.

Tutorial Clay Phone Holder

I wanted to add a picture of the phone holder in use for you :)

Tutorial Clay Phone Holder

I also made another one for a friend. I painted it with a longcat design haunting a skyline (It's a reference to Godzilla, so I painted Tokyo-like buildings).

Tutorial Clay Phone Holder

I drew out my design, scribbled on graphiite at the back to transfer it and then taped it to the clay phone holder. Then I drew over the lines again. The graphite on the back transfers the image.

However, you should probably paint the background first and then transfer it :D
Here a picture of the background and the first layer of paint on the cat.
I then painted the cat a light and a medium grey (for the shadow), outlined it in black with a very small paint brush, and painted the buildings black, too.

To paint the face I cut out my cat from the template, placed it on the painted cat body and transferred the face again.
I also covered the buildings with paper to protect everything and with a stiff paint brush sprayed on some white dots with my fingers to resemble stars.
Don't forget your varnish :)

Here a picture of the finished phone holder. I hope, he'll like it :)

Tutorial Clay Phone Holder

So what do you think? Do you like it? Let me know :)

See you soon


  1. Ist echt schön geworden dein Handy- Halter. Sehr filigran sind vor allen die kleinen Blümchen, die du aufgemalt hast.

  2. Replies
    1. These are absolutely adorable! I especially love the kitty painting. I'm going to try to make one! thank you for sharing your great ideas!

  3. Obrigada por compartilhar...adorei a ideia!
    Abraços desde Pelotas-RS Brasil

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