Friday, 5 February 2016

Tutorial Jewellery Bowl

Hey everyone :)

Today I decided that I really needed one of those jewellery bowls or plates next to my bed to put my jewellery down when I go to sleep so it doesn't get knocked on the floor.
So I thought about a way to make my own and also include a ring holder.

Here is what I came up with:


Air-dry or polymer clay
a lemon squeezer bowl with a hole in the bottom (see below)
clay tools
paint in the colours of your choice


Flower Jewellery Bowl
First I rolled out some clay (Air-dry clay to keep it cheap) to a large sheet. Try to make it as even as possible.

Then I drew a circle on the clay and divided it into more or less even five parts, as I wanted it to be a five-petal-flower. I then drew indents to make the petals and cut around it.

It's better to smooth out the rough edges to make it look softer.
With some water on my fingers I rubbed away my squiggly lines and then drew straight ones to separate the petals.

Flower Jewellery Bowl

Once I was happy with my basic flower shape I rolled a snake of clay, tapered it at one side and smushed the other side onto the table to make it flat. This will be the ring holder.
I put it in the middle of the flower which makes it look like a stem, too.

I blended in the stem with the flower with my plastic tool and then used my fingers and water to smoothen it out.

I drew the lines of the petals back in which got erased and then placed the piece onto my lemon squeezer.

My old lemon squeezer has a hole at the bottom which can help keep the ring holder in place while drying and the rounded shape of the bowl helps form my ring bowl.

So I placed my flower bowl carefully upside down onto the upside down lemon squeezer which I had on my lap as it couldn't stand upside down.
As the curve it created wasn't enough for my liking I placed some tissue paper underneath the clay to make the flower more rounded and corrected the shape a bit more using my fingers.

You then need to place the lemon squeezer with your clay on into a bowl or something, where it can't fall over and let it dry. The sculpting process only took me about 20 minutes.

If you're using polymer clay you probably won't need a lemon squeezer as you can make the ring bowl from two parts. Just put your flower upside down on a normal oven-safe bowl and bake. Then roll your ring holder, place it in the middle and bake again.

You can probably also create you own "bowl with a hole" by using a lot of tissue paper or newspaper and tape and creating a sort of paper ring to place your piece on.

Anyway, let your piece dry for a couple of hours and then carefully turn it around and let it dry on the other side. Mine dried for about 24 hours but it depends on your clay brand.

Only after it's fully hardened, you can start painting it in any colours you like. I chose red and yellow and kind of blended the colours together.
Then use some glaze to protect it and it's finished!

Flower Jewellery Bowl

Of course you don't have to make a flower, you can make a heart, a cat face, just round or square or anything you prefer.

Let me know, what you think of this idea and if you have any questions :)
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See you soon

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