Thursday, 17 March 2016

Tutorial Needle Tool

Hi there :)

Today I want to tell you how you can make a very simple needle tool. You don't need a lot for this and it's very easy.


needle or pin
handle (e.g. from old paint brush)


Tutorial Needle Tool
Choose an old handle for example from a of paint brush and a sewing needle or a pin like I did. 
If you're using a sewing needle, you can take a piece of wire and thread it into the eye of the needle and then wrap it around the handle to connect them.
If you have a pin, just place it above the handle. It will hold because of its head once you wrap it woth clay.

Now just use a bit of clay and wrap it around both your needle/ pin and handle. This can be a bit tricky with the pin but it works. Although I guess the needle and wire version is sturdier.

Roll the clay part between your hands to even it out. Smooth out any bumps with your fingers and that's it!

Of course you can also use very colourful clay and for example cover the whole handle. You can blend together complementary colours until they show a marble effect. You can also mix a wood texture. See my faux wood tutorial for this.

I chose to keep it simple with this one but here a picture of some other tools I made. The small one is a nail I covered to use for texturing and the other one, I just found among my stuff. I don't know if it was for sewing or anything but it's an amazing sculpting tool since I added the handle :)

Tutorial Needle Tool

I hope this is useful for you. Let me know, if you have any questions :)

See you soon :)

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