Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Welcome Willkommen Bienvenido Benvenuto

Hello and welcome to Floraphine's Creative Madness.
By creating this blog I want to share my experiences in crafting and creating with you.
As a kid I always liked drawing and crafting although I've never been exceptionally good. I don't know whether I've been lacking good materials, inspiration or just talent but I was never pleased with the results and often didn't even finish my projects. Then came the time where I was a very insecure teenager and thought crafting is just for babies and so I stopped doing it. But even then I was secretly fixing or improving and restyling my jewellery :D.
I lived a long time without having a hobby that really pleased and fulfilled me until I saw some DIY stuff from a German artist and children's book author (until then I didn't even know what DIY meant :D). She made amazing things out of almost nothing and I was so impressed by her work. She is a really warm-hearted and whimsical (I don't' even know if you can use this word for a human) person with a colourful style of clothing and of life and she inspired me to find my inner crafty girl again and to truly be myself! I think it's also because of her that I admitted to myself that I have to wear colourful and patterned clothes and accessories to show the person I am on the inside to everyone else. And most importantly she showed me that crafting is not at all “out” or “for children”.
To put it in a nutshell: I think credit has to be given to her. Her name is Bine Brändle and I'm a huge fan. In case you want to check he out, here's her Website and her Facebook.
So when I regained my craftiness I first started making all kinds of things and bought all of Bine's books. Then I tried out felting in summer 2014 and made a couple of felted accessories, mainly flowers. On the lookout for some jewellery close to nature I first came across resin. I ordered some but as it was a brand you have to mix 100:60 I had a lot of troubles getting the mix right. After failing a couple of pieces you can get really upset with this stuff. It's not that easy to work with. Apart from getting the mix right you have to be careful for your health, be careful not to overfill the piece and what I learned the hard way: seal printed images... I went to the local craft store to get some advice and try something new and was then recommended Fimo clay. you can make amazing things out of clay. As all the products seemed too expensive for a hobby you just want to try out and one you will probably give up very soon, I used air-dry clay instead. This is perfect if you are a beginner and want to practise sculpting and additionally, you get pretty amazing results if you know how to paint it afterwards.
So I started crafting with air-dry clay and my stingy self was satisfied. I watched tons of tutorials on YouTube and got really inspired. But soon I discovered that the uses of the air-dry stuff were limited and I wanted more. I wanted to make canes and delicate flowers and for that I needed an oven-bake clay... I did a lot of research and finally found an eBay-shop which sells Fimo at a very affordable price. And then shortly before Christmas the madness started. I wanted to try all the things! :D I bought more and more tools and materials, got everyone to give me stuff for Christmas, Easter and my Birthday and I still couldn't stop wanting more.
And that's where I am now: Still trying out everything I can and still fascinated by the endless possibilities. As you hear almost every YouTuber who is into clay say: “The sky is the limit.”
When I discovered Pinterest and got even more inspired by all these amazing creations I thought it's time to share the creativity and the madness. Everyone around me who got in touch with what I had made urged me to either start a YouTube channel showing tutorials or go into selling my stuff. And I kept explaining to them that it wouldn't be fun anymore if I'd really had to craft and maybe even make a living out of it. Also I really couldn't be bothered with all the fuss... keeping up the channel, having to find buyers, the shipping and finally always looking for new ideas if I don't want to.
Anyway, now I'm at a point where sharing pictures of my work on Pinterest doesn't seem to be enough anymore and that's why I started this blog. I want to share my thoughts and projects and experiences and maybe one day I myself can inspire someone.
Of course everything is still in progress and I'm not sure where this leads to and if at all someone cares and wants to read it but if anyone happens to stumble across this I would be happy if he left a comment and told me what he thinks.
Let's see if it works.