Thursday, 15 October 2015

My Creations out of Felt

Hello Crafters,

As I already mentioned, some of my first creations after I sort of regained my creativity where made from felt. I made a lot of felted flower hair accessories and some gifts for family and friends. Felted pieces have a really organic look and they don't break as easily as some clay pieces :D
However, it always seem to take ages before you can see something happening.
For those of you who have never tried felting, here some quick explanations:

1. You choose the colours of wool you want to felt.
2. You sort of stack several fibres in opposite directions.
3. You soak the fibres carefully in very hot water.
4. You add soap (either with your hands or directly on the piece).
5. And finally, you start rubbing everything like there's no tomorrow.

The friction and the soap binds the layers together and creates a solid piece. There are tons of tutorials out there and people who can explain it much better than me. I learned most of it on YouTube and here's my Felt Playlist for you.

I took some photos of the pieces I've made in the past. Some of them turned out quite good, others... well :D

This one was my first felted flower. I used too much wool so it turned out really bulky and the whole thing just doesn't look as I wanted it, too :D

my first felted flower

I got better and better and these are some of the nice ones:

felted flower hair clips

Here I made some earrings to go with a dress I bought from Desigual.
They're just two felted balls with some contrasting lines, stacked on a piece of wire with a Rocailles bead at the bottom. At first I didn't even have these ear hooks. They were added later.

Desigual inspired felted earrings

 I also made a headband with lots of flowers:

felted flower headband

And recently I created this tablet case. It was really difficult because I didn't use the right wool and so I had to sew a lot in the end. the embellishments are made from clay and Rocailles beads.

felted tablet case

That's it for now.
I think felting is a really nice craft but it takes a lot of patience and the results are not that predictable.
I like it but I guess I'm too impatient for creating some really stunning pieces :D

See you next time

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