Monday, 21 March 2016

Tutorial Hearts and Flowers Decor

Hey everyone :)

To get some spring into your home I want to show you how you can create some ornaments out of clay that you can assemble into a nice piece of decor.


air-dry or polymer clay
stamps, texture sheets or nice lace
clay tools
empty refill or tooth pick
daisy cutter
wire brush/ needle tool
yellow paint

Tutorial Hearts and Flowers Decor

For your hearts you first need to create a template (unless you have a heart-shape cutter you'd like to use).
Draw out a long heart on a piece of paper. Fold the paper along the middle of the heart and decide which side of the heart you like better. Hold that side upwards and cut out your heart keeping the paper folded. This way you'll have an even shape.

It's prettiest to make a big and a small one.

Roll out a sheet of clay, not to thinly. You can use air-dry or polymer clay, it doesn't really matter. Place on your paper template and press it a bit, so it transfers onto the clay. Cut out several hearts, I've made three of each size.

Smooth out the edges of the heart with your fingers (and water) and make a hole at the top to hang it, either with a toothpick or and empty refill.

Choose some nice textures, like lace, a texture sheet or stamps and imprint them onto your hearts. Here I've stamped two with my texture sheet and one with lace.

For the bigger hearts I used several stamps which you can get really cheap on eBay or AliExpress. Stamp them into several spots as you like it.

Tutorial Hearts and Flowers Decor

Now onto the flowers.
For those I used my daisy plunger cutter. Of course you can also draw a template like you did for the hearts.

Roll out some clay and press your cutter in and wiggle it a bit so it cuts right through. Then press down the plunger to impress the design.
If you're using a template, you can add a design with your needle tool/ tooth pick.

Especially, if you're using air-dry clay your edges will probably be quite rough, you can smooth them with your fingers dipped into water.

Create holes with a needle tool/ tooth pick/ refill to hang the flowers. Don't make them too small if you want to use a bigger cord.

With a wire brush/ needle tool/ tooth pick texture the inside of the flower by making little holes.

Let the flowers dry and then paint the insides yellow.

You can string your creations and hang them on branches for example or create something like this:

Tutorial Hearts and Flowers Decor

For another decor idea check out my Clay Feather Tutorial :)

So do you like those? I hope you try it out yourself. Send me pictures if you do :)
Let me know if you have any questions :)

See you soon

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