Friday, 4 March 2016

Tutorial Stamped Oriental Mirror

Hello :)

Today I want to show you how you can decorate a plain mirror with stamped pieces of clay to make it look fabulous :) I found an old hand mirror which needed a make over. I had previously watched a tutorial which inspired me to do something similar.


polymer clay
square cookie cutters
pasta machine or roller
metallic powder or eye shadow


I used a small mirror which was already framed but I didn't like the colour. It was plastic but I didn't worry about that as I lately have discovered that you can bake most plastics at a low temperature (100° C). It really depends on the type. If you're worried, bake your mirror in advance before adding clay to test if it melts.

Stamped Oriental Mirror
Roll out your clay evenly. It's best to use a pasta machine for this but you can also put even pieces of cardboard at the sides of your clay sheet and roll over it.
Take square cookie cutters to cut from your clay sheet or cut it by hand.

Then choose a nice stamp and stamp a design. You can get them really cheap on eBay or AliExpress.
Try to stamp exactly into the middle of your cut-out.

Dip your finger in metallic powder or eye shadow, tap off the excess and rub the powder carefully on your stamped piece. I used gold and copper here.
Spread liquid clay on the back of your mirror and place on your first piece.
Repeat this process of creating stamped squares and rectangles. You might need to measure out the remaining space on your mirror to know how big you need your pieces.

You can also stamp first and then cut it out. That's what I did here using a texture sheet from Fimo.
I impressed the design, cut it out and then rubbed on copper powder.

You can also make more designs in your clay using the tools you have.
For the rectangle I used two stamps and then pushed different-sized dotting tools in and also my rigid blade. You can use tooth picks and pen caps and what else you have. You can also texture by pressing in sand paper.

Then rub on your shimmery powder again. For this rectangle I used white clay and several shades of blue eyeshadow. You can layer the colours to your liking.

The black rectangles and the small brown one were also textured with the Fimo sheet and the black square with a stamp.

After you have placed on all of your rectangles and squares you can cover the borders as well. For this, roll out a thin sheet of clay in the colour of your choice and measure your borders. You can do this with a ruler or simply by pressing the side of your mirror lightly into the clay. This leaves marks which show you where to cut. Create strips which you place around your mirror. Then take your shimmery powder again and add some shine to the borders as well.

Bake it according to the instructions on your clay package and let it cool slowly leaving it in the oven so you don't get any cracks. Glaze your mirror after it has cooled down. 

So that's it. What do you think? Do you like it?

Stamped Oriental Mirror

Stamped Oriental Mirror

Of course you can use any stamps you have, I just wanted to give it that oriental look. Or if you don't have stamps, just make a design with tooth picks and what you can find. You can create flowers and pretty designs just by pressing in a couple of tools. Or make your own stamps from clay (see my tutorial where I make a leave stamp)
I will also show you soon how you can shape your own cookie cutters soon, so make sure you come back :)

See you soon